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Data Protection Policy

What is this Data Protection Notice?

This Data Protection Notice sets out what we do with Personal Data and what you can expect from us as part of our obligations when processing this Personal Data.

What data are we gathering?

For the purposes of doing business, we collect and hold Personal Data about Contacts that submit a contact form. We believe it is important to be open and transparent about how we use your Personal Data. Information we hold includes the following:

  • name 
  • contact details
  • role at company.

Why do we collect this information?

We use contact information to communicate with you and to carry out our obligations in response to enquiries generated. Legally, at the point of your submission of an enquiry, we ask for your Consent through agreement with this data protection policy; agreement acknowledges that we will hold any information given and will make contact with you in response.

How do we gather data?

We gather data through a variety of methods, these include:

  • receiving of business cards
  • website contact forms
  • phone calls.

As you are providing this information, you are demonstrating that you consent to our use of this information for the purpose for which it is given. We try to be efficient. 

When will we delete this data?

We may keep information for different periods of time for different purposes as required by law or best practice.

We believe that we provide the best service to you over time, which means holding on to contact information for at least the duration of the sales process and any contracted work. If we fail to agree a contract for reasons including, for example, your company not being in a position to progress, we might hold the information in order to revisit the opportunity at a later date.

In line with guidelines, we will delete any contact data at your request.

Who has access to this data and who do we share it with?

Only those members of the company who need contact information to carry out their role have access to this information. 
We may share data with other partners where this information is required to deliver the contracted obligations. We do not store credit card details, nor do we share data with third parties without the data subject’s permission.

Where will the data be stored?

This data is typically securely stored in the technologies used in the website. 

What are your rights to your Personal Data?

As a Data Subject you have rights over your own data that you can exercise at any time, these are:

  • Data is accurate – we must keep your data accurate
  • Data is erased – we must erase data if not needed or if requested by you, that is not excessive and is possible
  • Data is portable – we must provide a copy of your data back to you on request
  • Data processing is limited – we must cease a processing activity if you object to it
  • Consent withdrawal – we must allow you to withdraw consent at anytime.

In the event that you wish to contact us to exercise these rights or for any further queries on this Privacy Notice please contact us.