“Tactics before Strategy is the noise before defeat” Sun Tsu

Marketing Strategy

The right marketing strategy ensures that your website is built to suit where you are going and connects you with those that you care about. 

Marketing Strategy does not need to be a dark art or shrouded in jargon. 

concept a:m sets out to help you better connect with your audience for mutual benefit. This means first understanding you, your challenges, your resources and where you have come from. From this we plan a way forward that meets your objectives and, crucially, the expectations of your audience. 

Whether you need to sell more products or services, promote your charitiable service or find fundraisers, our approach to developing an effective marketing strategy will help you connect with your audience.

And we will support you and bring in partners where necesssary, to move your business or organisation onwards. 

Our service


The Benchmark Audit is a great opportunity to recognise the successes of where your organisation has come from, and identify what works. 

Where possible we explore data from your website, CRM, other tools and from your people to build the foundation of the marketing strategy.


We invest in listening to you and your team, to hear their challenges, troubles, objections and concerns.

Listening develops an understanding that can be transformed into actionable strategies that are appropriate, effective and tailored to your unique situation.


Having listened to your stories, your wants for the organisation and your objectives, we develop a realistic and sustainable strategy.

Sustainable, of course, is about our climate, but it is also about your ability to deliver. Our strategies are designed around the resources available for achieving your objectives. 

Marketing strategy approach


Our approach is to understand. Influenced by author Simon Sinek, we start with Why. Why do you do what you do? Who is it for? How does what you do make their life better? 

Our explorative approach develops a deep understanding of what you want. This enables us to deliver a credible, effective and sustainable marketing strategy.


We believe that sustainability is so important that we look to incorporate it within our work. 

Sustainable Development Goals highlight key areas where we can help support people and the planet.

Join us as we look to make the world a better place. 

In partnership 

We recognise and celebrate the experience everyone brings and work to ensure that when we say ‘in partnership’, we mean it. We take input from all stakeholders – after all, diversity leads to creativity. 

And we want to work with partners that have a like-minded ethos, that also want to see the world become better, for all.

concept a:m

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